How To Use Essential Oils

How to use essential oils for beginners

I am so grateful for the benefits of essential oils in my life, family and home! 

Essential oils are powerful gifts from nature to empower our health and uplift our mind and spirits. 

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the pure distilled aromatic compounds of plants.

Most essential oils are steam distilled with pure water, except for citrus oils, which are cold pressed from the peels. 

People have used the power of essential oils through aromatherapy for thousands of years.

While the process of distillation has changed and become refined since ancient times, people have extracted the oils from plant resins, barks, wood, flowers, leaves and roots for the benefits of the aromatic essences since Ancient Egypt.

Aromatic oils of frankincense, myrrh, spikenard, cypress, and more are mentioned throughout the Bible and ancient texts.

From the times of Cleopatra, Mary Magdalene, Queen Elizabeth and beyond, aromatherapy has been celebrated for it's healing, sensual and sacred use. 

How To Use Essential Oils

The aromatic molecules of essential oils directly effect our emotions through the limbic system.

When you inhale the scent of a rose or the fresh air of a mountain forest, those aromatic compounds go into your nose and reach the olfactory nerve which connects directly with the emotional center of our brain - the limbic system. 

Essential Oils have amazing benefits for our health, family and home.

Pure therapeutic grade essential oils may be used aromatically or topically.

Diffusing essential oils in your home or office enhances the air quality. 

I love my diffusers and they are great to enhance both the environmental quality of my home and office, as well as help to keep my self and family healthy and happy. 

Essential oils can be smelled straight from the bottle or diffused in the air.

Essential oils can be applied topically for bodycare, skincare & perfumery. 

Some oils can be applied to the skin neat, direct from the bottle, while many are best diluted with carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil, especially for people with sensitive skin, including children and elderly.

Essential oils provide perfect flavors for cooking & a little goes a long way. 

Many essential oils are safe to use internally and are used in oral health care, drinks, and to enhance culinary dishes in very small amounts. 

There are so many ways essential oils can support your health, family & life.

For safety use essential oils that are tested by third-party independent labs to ensure potency.

It's important to use oils that are tested thoroughly to be free of pesticides, synthetics, GMO's, heavy metals, molds, and variant plant strains by a reputable lab.

Many essential oils on the market are tainted with synthetic fragrances and the industry is not regulated, so it's important to be a smart consumer.

How To Get Pure Oils

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