Be a Certified Women’s Healing Arts Teacher

The Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training is a global online course for empowering holistic women's wellness.

Join our 12 part online global course to uplift and empower women's health, vitality, and wellness through conscious education, self-care, and advocacy. 

Journey through the history of women healers and a holistic perspective of women's health for the body, mind, heart and soul.

Learn gentle and powerful energy healing, meditations, movements, and practices to support empowered feminine self-care for the womb, breasts, cycles, and sexuality.

This course covers the full spectrum of a women's sexual life passages from natural menstrual health, conscious fertility, holistic pregnancy and birth, the menopausal mysteries and sacred sexuality.

Explore natural healing arts for feminine health including nutrition, herbs, massage, movement and more.

Connect with a global community of holistic women's wellness educators, advocates, and leaders. 

I’ve been a healing arts professional in the holistic women’s wellness field for over 20 years, and deeply believe that empowering women to thrive in all cycles of life is key to creating transformation in the world today.

This course integrates my personal experiences, studies, and practices in natural health and education, bringing together an empowering way to support women’s self-care through massage, energy work, movement, nutrition, herbs, and a holistic perspective of women’s body-mind-spirit health.


Be a Leader in the Women's Wellness Movement!

  • Are you a healing arts practitioner, health coach, yoga teacher, birthworker, massage therapist, entrepreneur, teacher, or life coach who wants to learn about women's health to help your female clients?

  • Are you ready to embark on a sacred journey of remembering your true power as a woman?

  • Do you want to mentor women to achieve conscious healing, vitality, and longevity?

  • Are you longing to deepen your understanding of women's ultimate ecstatic wellness?

  • Would you like to have specific self-care practices and techniques that you can teach any women to assist her to take charge of her health and tap into her own ecstatic potential?

  • Would you like to support women to overcome wellness challenges to feel confident and empowered to create health?

  • Would you like to find support and knowledge to help you tap into your own power for self-healing and conscious feminine vitality?

  • Would you like to teach women to create healthy lifestyle practices now to support longevity and sensuality?

  • Do you want to have amazing health, vitality, and longevity as a vibrant empowered woman?

  • Are you desiring to coach women to be vibrant healthy and empowered so as to support the conscious feminine leaders in the world today who are needed to rise up and create peace, prosperity and transformation for a better future for all?

If you answered "YES!" than this global online program is for YOU!

It is time now for women to reclaim our ancestral roots as healers.

We will learn to heal ourselves, and teach other women how to empower themselves with natural healing techniques.

Are you ready to reclaim the ancient traditions of the women healers and bring healing to feminine health and sexuality today? 

Women's health is one of the vital issue of our time. 

The Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training is a global online course empowering women's wellness advocates, educators, and mentors worldwide.

Without health, we cannot have the energy, stamina, or motivation to succeed in all the areas of life that need our participation. 

  • Today, c-sections are the #1 surgery performed in the US.

  • Hysterectomies are the 2nd most common surgery performed.

  • Breast cancer is the #1 most commonly diagnosed cancer today.

  • 2/3 of teenage girls are prescribed hormonal birth control.

  • 1 out of 4 women are are prescription drugs for mental health reasons such as depression.

  • Women's natural cycles of life, including menstruation, pregnancy and menopause are treated like pathologies.

Yet, there are safe, simple, and natural methods of creating health, energy, wellness, sensuality, and longevity that are available to women everywhere in all stages of life.

It is now safe for you to own your true feminine vitality & power and share this wisdom with other women. 

The time for feminine healing has begun!

Immerse yourself in the history of women's healing arts, the mystery of our cycles, and the natural healing modalities for self-healing. 

Discover how to nurture abundant wellness, vitality and sensuality for women's empowered health in this 12 part global online program. 

We will be diving deep into the history of women as healers, the mysteries of all the stages and cycles of women's sexual lives, and the many natural healing modalities that are available for women for self-healing everywhere. 

You will also get the feedback, community, education and support you need to become confident as a women's wellness educator, mentor, and advocate. 


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Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training Curriculum

12 Part Online Course with Workbooks, Videos, Audios, Private Community & Certification

Women's Healing Traditions

Part 1: Women's Healing Traditions

  • The Heritage of Women as Healers Around the World

  • The Way of Women’s Healing Arts

  • Reclaiming Our Feminine Health Today Through Empowerment & Education


Women's Ecstatic Cycles

Part 2: Ecstatic Feminine Cycles

  • Holistic Women’s Health & Cycles

  • The Ancient Wisdom of Women’s Power Through the Blood Mysteries

  • The Womb as a Creative Center for Vitality, Power, & Longevity

Natural Menstrual Health

Part 3: Menstrual Mastery

  • Ecological Menstrual Health

  • The Moon and Our Menstrual Cycles

  • How to Harmonize the Menstrual Cycle for Increased Vitality & Health

Conscious Fertility

Part 4: Conscious Fertility

  • Fertility Awareness for Natural Pregnancy Prevention or Planning

  • Why Fertility is So Important for Health, Vitality & Longevity

  • How Nutrition, Exercise, Stress & Environment Impact Fertility Issues & Choices

Natural Pregnancy and Birth

Part 5: Mama Power: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

  • The Culture of Birth Today: Choices and Challenges

  • How to Empower Women and Mothers to Have the Best Birth Possible

  • Birth as a Rite of Passage for Mother & Baby

Naturally Healthy Menopause

Part 6: Menopausal Majesty

  • Becoming the Queen of Your Body & Life

  • Essential Practices for Energy and Health in Your Royal Years

  • Wise Woman Sexuality & Longevity

Sacred Sexuality

Part 7: Conscious Feminine Sexuality 

  • Honoring Women’s Sexuality & Emotions

  • Unveiling the Truth About Women’s Orgasms

  • How Women Can Cultivate Sexual Energy for Health, Prosperity & Success

Nourishing Women

Part 8: Nourishing Women's Vitality

  • Healthy Food & Lifestyle Choices for Women’s Energy & Vitality

  • Nourishing Foods, Herbs & Superfoods for Women’s Health

  • The Best & Worst Foods to Eat for Women and Why

Women's Movement Arts

Part 9: Sacred Feminine Movement Arts

  • Why Exercise and Fitness are Vital for Women’s Health

  • What Movement Practices Can Increase Circulation, Detoxification & Immunity of Women’s Wombs & Breasts

  • The Best Dance and Yoga Techniques for Feminine Health, Energy and Balance

Bodywork for Women

Part 10: Bodywork for Women

  • Discover the Value of Massage and Bodywork for Women’s Health

  • Learn Self-Massage Techniques for the Womb and Breasts

  • Find Out the Best Bodywork Modalities for Women

Ecological Health for Women

Part 11: The Ecology of Women's Health

  • The Deep Connections Between Our Environment & Women’s Health

  • The Hidden Dangers in Our Homes and Body Products for Women

  • How to Safely Detox Your Womb, Breasts and Life

Women's Business Skills

Part 12: Visionary Women's Mentor Skills

  • Conscious Business Skills for Women’s Healing Arts Entrepreneurs

  • Creating Your Online Presence and Business Platform

  • How to Make Your Vision & Passion Into a Socially-Conscious Business

BONUS: Women's Healing Arts Circle Leader Training

How to Create a Women's Healing Arts Circle

Get Instant Access to this Audio Training!

Start leading Women's Healing Arts Circles in your community today.

Learn in this one-hour audio training how to plan, promote, organize and facilitate Women's Healing Arts Circles.

Discover how to facilitate circles and integrate the knowledge you already have and what you will learn in the Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training curriculum.

You can get started with this information creating a community and business around this work right away, as well as build up your confidence and experience as a teacher and facilitator to host bigger workshops, retreats, conferences, and events in the future. 

BONUS: The Breast Essentials Course 

Naturally Health for Women's Breast Wellness

Bonus 7 Part Video Training & E-Book!

  • Learn about natural breast health for enhanced feminine vitality and longevity

  • Discover techniques and information that every woman can utilize to create empowered breast health in every stage of life

  • Know how to care for your breasts naturally with massage, exercise, and nutrition

  • Discover lifestyle practices to support your breast health

  • Protect your breasts through healthy choices

  • Learn about the benefits of self-massage for breast health Enhance your sensuality through gentle movement practices

  • Take action to create your breast health at any age with solutions that are right for you

  • Includes instant access to Kara's book: "How to Love Your Breasts"

BONUS: How to Have an Awesome Birth

How to Have an Awesome Birth Book by Kara Maria Ananda

E-Book by Kara Maria Ananda

Bonus book that you get access to immediately upon enrollment!

  • Learn about natural healing during pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding for the optimal health of your family, children, and self.

  • Discover simple practices for connecting with your unborn baby each day, helpful tips for healthy pregnancies, and how to plan to achieve your best birth possible.

  • Empower yourself with this enjoyable to read book filled with stories and anecdotes to inspire your awesome pregnancy and birth.

  • Includes 10 inspirational conscious birth stories

Natural Women's Health Professional Leadership Education

BONUS: 6 Advanced Video Trainings

Special bonus video trainings on new current research in holistic women's wellness and additional business training for teachers in marketing and event planning. 

Advanced Training Series

  • How Heart-Centered Intuition is Vital Skill for Women's Healing Arts

  • Discover The Connection Between Gut Health and Hormone Balancing for Women's Wellness

  • Detoxifying Women's Health Care: Tampons, Prenatal Vitamins, Birth Control, GMO's & more

  • How Holistic Women's Wellness Can Support Cultural Respect From Menarche to Menopause

  • How to Use Manifestation Marketing to Grow Your Practice & Attract Your Ideal Clients

  • What to Know Before Launching Your Live Workshops, Retreats, Classes and Events

Online Teacher Training Details:

Holistic Women's Healing Arts Teacher

The Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training is a 12 part online course to become a Certified Women's Healing Arts Teacher and be trained to provide holistic women's health education, advocacy, and mentoring. 

Join now and you get:

  • 3 Special Bonuses

  • 12 part Teacher Training online course

  • 6 part Advanced Training video series

  • 7 part Breast Essentials online course

Your enrollment includes lifetime access to this course and the online private Facebook community

All online course materials including workbooks, videos, and audio can be downloaded to your computer, tablet, iPad, or mobile phone through our online classroom. 

Each of the 12 parts of the course have journal requirements for certification, which you write and complete at your own pace, and email in. There are no time limits for completing the 12 journal assignments.

Completion of your written assignments is optional, but required for certification. 

Who Can Be A Women’s Healing Arts Teacher? 

The Women’s Healing Arts Teacher Training is open to all genders.

About Kara


Kara Maria Ananda supports visionary women to create transformation in the world today through online courses, mentoring, and events.

Kara is a Women’s Healing Arts Mentor, Holistic Business Coach, speaker, writer, and the founder of Maia University. 

She’s the creator of holistic online courses including the Women’s Healing Arts Teacher Training, the Awesome Birth Teacher Training, and the Healing Arts Business Academy.

Kara has over 20 years experience in healing arts education and entrepreneurship, from being a massage therapist, craniosacral practitioner, birth and postpartum doula, women’s health educator, herbalist, and hoop dancing teacher, to creating global online courses serving women in over 50 countries around the world in holistic health, business, and life. 

Kara can often be found hiking in nature, cooking up something magical, reading one of the books in her piles, dancing in circles, and spending time with her husband and three boys having adventures.

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What People Are Saying

Kara’s training is awesome! I’m now leading women’s circles and teaching workshops. It even helped improve my sex life! I highly recommend her program.
— Angela Wheat
Kara Maria Ananda’s Women’s Healing Arts Teacher Training is so intelligently designed, that not only does she give you some of the most valuable tools you might ever learn for healing, spiritual connection, higher sense of living, and consciousness, but also she teaches you how to go within, and find the answers that are already within you. Yet further still learning how to apply these practices in your own teachings to other women! Through Kara’s Women’s Healing Arts Teacher Training and other programs that I have gone through of hers, I not only found myself now as a teacher of subjects I am extremely passionate about, but I have finally found my calling, my purpose and my vision in a major major way!  For those on the fence about taking this training, I say this: Kara’s programs are not your average online program. They are JAMpacked with awesome stuff! If you are looking for direction in your holistic business or practice, or on your entrepreneurial path in Women’s Healing Arts - you want to take this training! Kara’s guidance and training, if you really commit to yourself to do the work in this training, will truly change your life for the better.
— Jessica Pacheco
You are doing amazing work for women, the community, and the planet. As a practitioner and teacher in the health field myself, I am not looking only for information, but for inspiration and ideas. And you are a wonderful teacher is this regard! I love how you teach from your heart, with passion and enthusiasm, by creatively sharing your experience and your story and motivating us to do the same. I love your approach of teaching through asking questions. In this way, you provide a framework, touch a lot of essential topics – and then encourage your students to dive deeper, to do their own research on topics of interest, to explore so much more in their own lives. This invites us to learn from the inside out. And our own experience enables us to teach what we have learned in an authentic way to our clients, friends, family, and community. With your way of teaching, you make a fantastic contribution to empower women all over the world to take responsibility for their own health, happiness, and well-being. So thank you Kara for creating a powerful network of women’s emissaries, and for being out there to do your wonderful work in a global community.
— Dr. Angelika Schultz
Kara Maria Ananda is a visionary in the field of holistic women’s wellness & empowerment. Her content is always fresh and her coursework blends both the didactic teaching and maieutic inquiry; teaching you information while bringing you deeper into yourself as you discover the answers within that are unique to your experiences. I love her ability to weave cutting edge science with spiritual truths. I whole heartedly recommend working with Kara if you are ready to embrace your own ecstatic feminine life path!
— Kristina Wingeier
Kara is an amazing woman and she has been a huge support in the times I needed it most. She is an abundant source of inspiration, motivation and positive energy. In her empowering programs and courses she shares such wonderful riches based on her long experience of healing and helping others. Implementing the things I learned and received from her has made a big difference in all areas of my life. She is awesome and working with her will definitely lead anyone on an amazing inner journey. I feel so grateful with Kara and everything she shares so abundantly!
— Sanda Baretic
I would just like to thank you because you and your courses inspire me so much. They are so powerful and I think all my life has changed to the better since I enrolled. It has brought me so much clarity and confidence that one can take such a pioneering visionary path in women’s healing arts and business and succeed. I had this calling for years to learn and eventually teach about the healing of the sacred feminine. It has been so eye-opening to study with you and find other like-minded people through the community. Thank you and stay awesome!
— Sara Matteo

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