Holistic Women's Wellness Leadership Diploma Program

Maia University for Transformational Women's Empowerment

Are you passionate about women’s wellness, holistic living, and conscious business?

The Maia University VIP path is a unique program with a comprehensive curriculum journey through women’s cycles, natural healing, birth, sensuality, self-care, manifestation, entrepreneurship, and spirituality.

Maia is the Greek Goddess of Midwifery, and maia means to midwife, or to bring to light what is within. 

Maia U is a holistic feminine journey into the transformational power of health, business, and life.

You're invited to join this online visionary immersive experience for empowering women's wellness globally.

The Maia University VIP Program includes access to beautiful private membership site with all the courses listed below, personal support, extra bonus content, and diploma pathway.

Maia U VIP's are eligible to receive a Diploma in Holistic Women's Wellness Leadership upon completion of requirements for graduation.

Women's health and empowerment creates global transformation.

As women rise up in owning our sexual health, power, and confidence, we create powerful change in the world in work, community and leadership.

Can you imagine what the world would look like if all women were totally confident, sensually enlivened, supremely knowledgeable about their bodies, cycles, and choices?

Envision how things would be different with women having financial freedom and the entrepreneurial skills to create conscious businesses, community initiatives, and support healing and transformation worldwide?

NOW is the time to rise up and be a Women's Empowerment Leader in the holistic arts of feminine living.

Get access in the Maia University VIP Program to a complete holistic curriculum for visionary women's wellness and empowerment from health, birth, cycles, sexuality and self-care - to business, social media, leadership, spirituality, coaching and manifestation.

The Maia University VIP Program includes members from across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Central America, and growing.

From artists to midwives, authors to nurses, coaches and herbalists, spa owners and entrepreneurs - the members of Maia University are all passionate about supporting visionary feminine healing, leadership, and prosperity. 


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All these courses are included in the Maia U VIP membership.

Some are also available to join individually, click the button that says "Learn More" to read the full details about each course listed.

The Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training

This comprehensive holistic training covers the full spectrum of a women's sexual life passages from natural menstrual health, conscious fertility, holistic pregnancy and birth, the menopausal mysteries and sacred sexuality. 

Explore natural healing arts for feminine health including nutrition, herbs, massage, movement and more. 

Journey through the history of women healers and discover a holistic perspective of women's health for the body, mind, heart and soul.

Includes Bonus Course: The Breast Essentials


The Awesome Birth Teacher Training

A holistic global program to support you in creating your vision of how you can best help mothers, families and babies. 

This course supports the birth entrepreneur, student, practitioner, advocate, and parent to expand their education, resources, language, clarity, confidence, and global network. 

This is a holistic and comprehensive program that is attended by a diverse student population from women's health and birth advocates from all over the world. 

Includes Bonus Program: WOMB Conference Interview Series


The Healing Arts Business Academy

An online inspirational business program for Healing Arts Entrepreneurs to follow their soul's calling, create huge waves of change, and be abundant.

This program is for health and wellness professionals, coaches, massage therapists, yoga teachers, doulas, midwives, nutritionists, counselors, acupuncturists, essential oil advocates, educators, and holistic entrepreneurs like you.

Learn how to effectively build your online platform and serve more people locally and globally.

Maia Method of Energy Healing Online Training

Maia Method: Energy Healing Practitioner Certification

Discover a powerful system of energy practices for cultivating harmony and balance in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies of one's self and others. 

Energy healing is the ancient art of supporting the natural vitality of the body through intention, hands-on healing, vibrational frequency, visualization, and meditative practices.

This training is designed to plug you into the universal flow of energy so you can shine your light brighter and illuminate healing for others in the world today!


The Women's Social Media Business Academy

Are you ready to make a difference & spread your message online in an empowered feminine way? 

Join this comprehensive social media training program to be a confident and successful conscious women entrepreneur online. 

Social media is the best way to reach new people, build your brand, and spread your positive inspiration and message.

Women are poised to be the social media leaders today as we thrive in making connections and creative communications.


The Momentum Method

Get into the flow of manifestation. The Momentum Method is a system of positive lifestyle skills for enhancing our mindset, vitality and manifestation mojo through creating opportunities for synchronicity & flow in our lives. 

Increase your capacity for extraordinary living through deeper relationships, happiness and purpose. 

Understand how the scientific research in the fields of positive psychology, optimal human performance, unified physics, epigenetics, the gut-brain connection and heart intelligence can help us to live more empowered lives today. 


The Maia Mystery School

Join the Women's Spiritual Leadership Sisterhood & Coaching Training. Are you ready to experience more magic and manifestation in all aspects of your life? 

Do you long for conscious feminine models and practices for empowered spirituality, wellness, leadership and prosperity in the world? 

Is there a desire within you resonating from your heart and soul to be a part of the healing of the divine feminine happening today? 

You're invited to our global spiritual women's community celebrating the journey and empowerment of the divine feminine soul! 


The Pleasure of Pampering: Sacred Sensual Self-Care

Discover an ancient feminine paradigm of women's health focused on feeling blissful and ecstatic in our bodies to enhance our sensuality, health and success. 

Indulge in powerful practices for women's wellness including: healing baths, ecstatic dancing, relaxing massages, sensuous foods, orgasmic breathing, rejuvenation arts & more. 

Sacred sensual self-care practices such as massages, baths, naps and dancing all create positive transformations in our body, mind and spirit that result in de-stressing our body and nourishing our feminine sexuality - all naturally. 


Womb Cycles

Learn how to balance your hormones, naturally support your women's health in an empowered way, and manifest holistically with your womb cycles. Empower your menstruation, fertility, hormones and energy. 

Discover holistic, traditional and scientific information to confidently create greater vitality, ease, sensuality and longevity in your life. 

This is vital information that every women should learn but probably don't. 

Now is the time to reclaim our power and potential inherent in our womb cycles. 


The Breast Essentials

Discover the keys to holistic breast care in this 7 part online immersion.

Learn how to naturally empower your breast health, wellness, vitality and sensuality through a holistic understanding of women's health and holistic living arts including massage, movement, meditation, energy, breath, nutrition, super foods, clothing, environment, epigenetics and more.

Love your feminine body and enhance your longevity, vitality and sensuality.

The Maia University VIP Membership

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Are you on a mission to support women's empowerment and sustainable transformation in the world today?

Immerse yourself in an empowering journey through the premier collection of holistic transformational courses for empowering women personally and collectively in body, mind, and spirit.

Feel confidant as a sacred feminine leader in women’s wellness, conscious birthing, holistic business, socially conscious media, natural self-care, spirituality and more.

You can help more people to have access to compassionate knowledgeable support for all of life's cycles and stages of growth, by saying yes to rise into the next level of your soul's calling.

Discover what YOU really want to create as your work, your gift, and your legacy to support the healing and transformation needed in the world today.

Give birth to the next level of your dreams through the immersive experience of the Maia University VIP Program.

These courses guide you to get clear on your goals, and help you to achieve them, through empowered feminine practices that channel your creative energy in alignment with your natural cycles to create flow.

As a Maia University VIP Member you get access to my full Women's Empowerment curriculum for Transformational Women's Leadership 

You get ongoing and immediate access to all programs and can complete your studies at your own pace. 

Contact Kara at any time for personal support via email.

PLUS Maia University VIP members of the whole curriculum path also get automatic access to any new content in the future!

The Visionary Women Seminars includes high level video trainings for visionary women leaders, creators and entrepreneurs to manifest your big vision with clarity.

Become a Maia U VIP now to get access to all these programs and more at this current special offer.

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The Visionary Women Seminars

Get All of the Video Masterclasses

Sustaining Your Long-Term Business Vision
How to Blog So People Will Read It & Share
Healing the Sacred Womb
Journal Juice
Vision Collages
Healthy Loving Relationships
Sacred Prosperity
Soul Conscious Parenting
Mary Magdalene Sacred Feminine Leadership

...and more seminars!

Visionary Women Seminar Series

All Included in Your Maia U VIP Membership

Are You Ready to Bring Your Dreams to Life?

Join the premier women's empowerment professional program as a Maia University VIP and get a full complete course curriculum in holistic women's health, business, life, and leadership.

Maia University offers comprehensive holistic online courses in Women's Healing Arts, Conscious Birthing, Healing Arts Business, Social Media, Manifestation, Self-Care and more. 

Join now to get all of these innovative holistic courses at over $2500 off the value of the course content! 

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Kara Maria Ananda Women's Wellness Teacher and Mentor

About Kara

Kara Maria Ananda supports visionary women to create transformation in the world today through online courses, mentoring, and events.

Kara is a Women’s Healing Arts Mentor, Holistic Business Coach, speaker, writer, and the founder of Maia University. 

She’s the creator of holistic online courses including the Women’s Healing Arts Teacher Training, the Awesome Birth Teacher Training, and the Healing Arts Business Academy.

Kara has over 20 years experience in healing arts education and entrepreneurship, from being a massage therapist, craniosacral practitioner, birth and postpartum doula, women’s health educator, herbalist, and hoop dancing teacher, to creating global online courses serving women in over 50 countries around the world in holistic health, business, and life. 

Kara can often be found hiking in nature, cooking up something magical, reading one of the books in her piles, dancing in circles, and spending time with her husband and three boys having adventures.

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The Maia University VIP Course Library

  • The Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training

  • The Awesome Birth Teacher Training

  • The Healing Arts Business Academy

  • The Maia Method: Energy Healing Practitioner Certification

  • The Women's Social Media Business Academy

  • The Momentum Method

  • The Maia Mystery School & Seven Sisters Circle

  • The Pleasure of Pampering: Sensual Self-Care Course

  • The Womb Cycles Course

  • The Breast Essentials Course

  • The Visionary Women Seminar Series

  • ...and more awesome bonuses!!!

Diploma Pathway

Maia University VIP members are eligible to receive a Diploma in Holistic Women's Wellness Leadership from Maia University upon completion of all required courses and a final written project.

VIP Bonus Library

Plus Maia University VIP members get access to a bonus library of e-books and interviews by Kara Maria Ananda on natural women's wellness and ecstatic feminine living.

Total Value of Over $9000!

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If you've already enrolled in one of the courses in the Maia U VIP program individually, contact me to sign up and you can credit what you've already invested in a Maia U course directly toward the full Maia U VIP tuition. 


I have been taking Kara’s courses for about 4 years now! I am continually amazed at the breadth of her wisdom along with her amazing content. Becoming a Maia U VIP was a natural next step for me as I knew the quality of Kara’s work and I wanted to have access to everything she was creating!!

If you’ve never taken one of her courses though, I can assure you this woman knows her stuff! You will be amazed at her knowledge, but more so her skill of transmitting this knowledge. The best teachers are only as good as their ability to share the information they know. Kara does this with ease and honed skill.

I love Kara’s mission, her passion, and her commitment to helping other women become wellness leaders in the field of women’s health.
Becoming a Maia U VIP is an amazing investment in yourself and your business vision.

You’ll be taking a brilliant next step of advancing your own wisdom and taking this forward into the world in whatever way suits you best.
— Rebecca Sarich, Yale-Trained Certified Nurse Midwife, Sexuality Coach and Women's Holistic Health Provider,
WOW! Kara is a POWERHOUSE of resources, insights, and inspiration!
— Annie Botticelli, Astrologer, Business and Self-Development Coach, and Author,
Kara Maria Ananda is a visionary in the field of holistic women’s wellness & empowerment.
— Kristina Wingeier, Intuitive Astrologer, Healing Guide and Cosmic Muse,
Kara gives all that she’s got to bring teachings forth from ancient wisdom all the way up to modern-day cutting edge up-to-date studies and combines all of her many skills and gifts and puts together nothing short of life-changing miraculous courses to help anyone ready to take the next steps in their life to embody their highest path and Higher Calling. Thank you Kara, From the bottom of my heart!
— Jessica H. Pacheco, Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach
Kara is one of the most inspirational, caring, gifted and generous souls I have ever met. She is a powerful, brilliant teacher with much wisdom for which she openly and with beautiful transparency shares with the world, through her heart and experiences. She has been a catalyst in assisting me with altering the course of my life through encouragement, believing in me when I myself could not see that which I had within myself. And not ever giving up on me. She offers a beautiful, genuine exchange of wisdom and energy through her generous nature. Inspiring teachings from ancient wisdom and gifts from which we had long forgotten assisting us in remembering our birthright and divinity from within. Kara is a gift and a blessing to ALL she comes in connection with and her vibrancy emanates out in positive, loving, life changing ways.
— Catherine Lyn Stalpes, Angelic Healing Guide
Working with Kara is my best business decision to date. Kara is helping me move my healing practice out into to the world. She is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom AND she is fun and very personable!
— Paula Youmell, RN, Wise Woman Nurse, Natural Health Educator, and Author,
I am so grateful for having Kara’s years of wisdom and experience as a contribution to building my conscious business and improving the lives of women all around the world.
— Emily Evans Russell, Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Social Media Maven and Speaker,
The vast amount of knowledge, wisdom and information shared creates opportunities of expansion in our businesses and daily lives. The care and love attached to this program holds the power of true transformation and inspiration. Thank You.
— Karolina Staszak
You are a wonderful teacher and your passion is contagious. I am having so much fun!
— Kat Burkes
I highly recommend any of Kara Maria Ananda’s courses! She is extremely knowledgeable, an experienced business woman, and a gifted teacher.
— Alison Austin

Empowering Women's Health and Holistic Living in the Maia University Leadership Diploma VIP Path

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